A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

IMPORTANT: This is a PRE-ALPHA! It's nowhere near done, and will almost certainly be receiving a lot of updates in the near future.

Refraction is a game where your character has one chance. When you die, you need to start over with a new character - except with one major twist.

Your previous character is still there.

It will do everything you did until it dies. Again. And again. But if you manage to save its life, you can have it join your party. The world is built with all your previous runs, and one failure only makes your next runs stronger.

Planned Features:

  • Freedom of Movement
  • Better Art
  • Class Advancement
  • Bosses
  • Better Map
  • Skills & Skill Tree
  • Saving
  • Party Members


Mac Version 72 MB
Windows Version 5 MB
Linux Version 5 MB

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